Our Story The Beginning...



           he Worship Experience Ministries was birthed in 2002 when the founder, Belinda Jackson, was introduced to Praise and Worship Music at a church that she attended at that time. Having been borninto the Baptist church but now moving into a Pentecostal setting, she was able to hear a new genre in music that intrigued her and moved her passionately all at the same time.




                aving been a singer of Gospel music all her life, Belinda knew the basics, i.e., the hymns, the anthems, the James Cleveland songs, the Walter Hawkins songs, etc. She studied and became prolific in hearing, singing and teaching parts to choir type songs. She was a choir director at the age of 16 at several churches in her hometown and continued to operate as such in college. After leaving college and being married, she was introduced to quartet singing. In her spirit, she continued to search and listen for music that really touched her to the core.




              fter going through a difficult divorce in 2001, Belinda thought that her music and singing ministry was pretty much over. She had served many years in Gospel music but now decided to take a break from all singing and music ministry. She was searching for a church home for her and her children to grow. In her searching, she found a ministry that was passionate about Praise and Worship. She trained under skilled and anointed teachers who taught her why her lifestyle needed to be a life of worship. Once she grew in that area, leading Praise and Worship came naturally.

The Worship Experience is a venue wherein singers, musicians, and worship leaders can find a place to be trained, taught, and brought into the fruition of their calling as worship leaders. We offer Praise and Worship meetings, conferences, and forums that will fit any size church setting. We also offer the choir workshop phase in our line- up of trainings. In addition, The Worship Experience will give a hands-on approach to helping worship leaders become all that God has called them to be through follow-up sessions, conference calls or one-on-one meetings. We look forward to working with the music community in bringing Praise and Worship to all churches on the level that it should be and that is to bring GLORY TO GOD!! Enjoy your journey through our website and please contact us should you need us to serve you.


Many blessings,


Minister Belinda Jackson Colter

Worship Experience Ministries








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